Earth Without art is just eh..

Yet another landscape study

With this one the working process was quite a different approach than with the time limited studies. I painted a quick water color at the actual scene and used this and a picture from the site as references and painted it in photoshop. It was back in October, and I had spent the night in a shelter on the most beautiful spot and woke up to a day bathed in sunlight and autumn colors. 

I used about 6 hours and filmed the process, but in the end I compressed the video down to a few minutes, you can watch it here.

Happy new year 🙂


Landscape study

I did a landscape study, within a time limit of 60 minutes, of the forest where i live. I have done a few of these time limited studies, and learned that not all environments  are equally easy to do within such a limit. As an example I did one from a reference of a rocky hill , a snap I took on a hike last summer, and when the time ran out, I was far from satisfied with the result. I don’t know, it had no depth and lacked details, even though I had been focusing on that, mabe even a bit too much. 

This one though, turn out ok.



A new thing for me to do :)

So from now on I will try to post a bit about what I’m doing on regular basis. I’m not good at writing, but I can share pictures and small videos about it, and perhaps eventually my writing skills will get better 🙂 Today I’m sharing a speedpainting i did for practising landscape painting. I stopped painting after a limit of 40 minutes.